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We will give your vessel stern thrusting maneuverability and straight tracking increasing your cruising comfort, while making your vessel environmentally friendlier via improved fuel economy.

We know of no other people in the hemisphere of the Americas who have done more varied applications or have the experience than we do in this work. Our rudders have more then twice the power of similar sized conventional single panel rudders. The material presented is to aid you in understanding our work. please contact us for more information.

Our Motto:
 A machine that maneuvers and tracks well is a pleasure to operate!  technology; Deflector Marine Rudders (DMR) are the answer. Get modern, be safe and confident.
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The most powerful rudder in the industry:
Deflector Marine Rudder (DMR) prides itself in superior design engineering, for new construction, and retrofitting of all rudder applications. We can particularly improve your tracking ability and helm control. We are absolutely confident our Deflector High-Lift Flap Rudder designs will cut your turning circle to less than half, as well as provides stern thrusting ability, for safe dock maneuvering. Our new generation of high lift "Foil Shaped" flap rudders have superior hydrodynamics when compared to any conventional or flat plate rudder in the marketplace today!

Why is that?
Because high lift rudders are characterized by an articulating flap on the trailing edge, much like a wing flap on an airplane. This creates a new more extreme and powerful rudder angle that greatly increases the forces and effectiveness of the rudder(s) DMR rudder(s) are multi-panel ( NASA Foil shaped) for low resistance laminar flow along the rudder(s) side panels.

Thus our rudders have superior resistance to stall:
DMR rudder(s) Most of our designs feature our characteristic FRONT PROFILE and BULL NOSE bow This diminishes the effects of the propellers irregular water blasts lessening impact by smoothly separating water flow and reducing harmonics. (See Tech Section Shape Consideration for more info). Without increasing the size, we can double the rudders effectiveness. Please take a moment to explore this site and learn how we can help you.

Yachts/Pleasure Craft


Flap rudders, high lift flap rudders are an articulating hinged rudder that perform at twice the level of a conventional rudder.
No other entity in this hemisphere has built the quantity and variety of High-Lift Flap Rudders as Deflector Marine Rudders
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