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We engineer and build rudders for both
NEW and Retrofit applications.

    The Deflector Marine Rudder (DMR) is an innovative "High Lift" articulated rudder design, which creates a more
    aggressive angle of attack.


    On the diagram to the right focus on the fulcrum pin captured in the slot. This roller and pin is fixed to the hull, the shoe or both. As the hinge swings the slotted flap bar rotates swinging the flap in an increasing angle in excess the rudder & tiller.

    The flap takes a 2nd bite at the passing water which doubles the rudders power. This rudder works in slower water, it feels the water more effectively at small angles to give autopilots a better tool to hold course. At hard-over ( in green ) new more extreme vectors are focused to rotate the hull. This rugged mechanism is designed for a long useful life, and dramatic performance!

    We have 4 different designed mechanisms, for specific performance applications like- pleasure cruising, racing, sailing and commercial use.DMR¬ utilizes high quality stainless, and bronze materials. We use 304 type stainless for steel, aluminum and some (depending on fastenings) wooden hulls. It is our recommended practice to keep the electrical potentials low to reduce galvanic corrosion. For fiberglass or boats with considerable amounts of bronze our choice is 316L stainless. Our rudders are fabricated with cross sectional framing on a through shaft using hydrodynamic foil shapes. Remember though we do custom, so we select the system that will serve best. The rudder interiors are zinc passivated as well the exterior.

    Virtues and Advantages of¬ DMR¬ High Lift Flap Rudder

    They are twice as powerful than a conventional rudder of similar size

    They vastly improve your helm control in a Following sea

    They provide more powerful stern thrusting action, collecting the full power of¬ 
    your main engine(s) propeller wash directing an EXTREME THRUST VECTOR¬ 
    (port or starboard) rotating your hull with ease

    They reduce your old turning circle to less than half, because their greater¬ 

    They enhance autopilot function to provide better hull tracking and¬ 
    improve comfort as roll forces are DRAMATICALLY diminished

    They resist stalling at slow maneuvering speed


    DMR high lift articulating flap rudder, is like comparing a
    sharp knife to an old dull one (an old conventional rudder).
    Choose the best advantage!! DMR

    Depicted below are some of our UHMW bearing/Gland units and some applications. These units are devised to make installation simple and cost effective. You will notice directly below to the left is a metal Bearing/Gland mount with Pivot Pin socket on the trailing edge. This mount makes it easy for the installers to position the rudder post as is best for proper rudder design in a retrofit application. Often, the rudder is to close to the propeller. With this device you simply clear away the existing rudder post tube and set this device in the appropriate location. This is an example of how we try to engineer our Installation kits to save you your costs

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Flap rudders, high lift flap rudders are an articulating hinged rudder that perform at twice the level of a conventional rudder.
No other entity in this hemisphere has built the quantity and variety of High-Lift Flap Rudders as Deflector Marine Rudders
Welcome to to the Deflector Marine Rudder Website. Feel free to browse around and check our new  Tubercules Page.

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