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Frequently Asked Questions

1.Q: What is the main difference between conventional rudders and a Deflector Marine articulating flap rudder?
A: The trailing edge of the progressively articulating flap puts a bite on the back and makes more force.

2. Q: Can you put a flap on my old rudder?

A: No. Technical changes supersede your old rudder design.

3. Q: What type of boat does a Deflector Marine articulating flap rudder work on?

A: Any vessel which uses a rudder. Power yachts ,sailboats, high performance speedboats, towboats, tugs, fishing vessels, if it has a rudder we can better it.

4. Q: What can a Deflector Marine articulating flap rudder do for my boat?

A: A Deflector Marine articulating flap rudder will improve the maneuverability and tracking of your vessel by a factor of more than twice as good as that of conventional rudders. Our rudders will give you the ability to thrust the stern where you wish, and will hold your boat steady on track making you more comfortable and efficient. This is a proven concept our results are always dramatic.

5. Q: How much does a Deflector Marine articulating flap rudder cost? 
A: The fact is that until the task well defined we do not know. As we do custom work there is much latitude. It will inevitably cost more to design and specially fabricate a rudder of quality material, than it does to do a cheap job. The results will justify the cost, and we work with low overhead. It is not thrifty to have the least initial cost over that which is more effective and long lived.

6. Q: Will a Deflector Marine articulating flap rudder be more susceptible to damage due to the complexity of the design?
A: No. We make the rudders strong of high tensile alloys. By design they are stronger than plate rudders and have more contact points than other rudders. We warranty them for 30 months from first launch and fully expect them to last for many years.

7. Q: Is a Deflector marine articulating flap rudder likely to snag?
A: This has not occurred to our knowledge. We build these for commercial crabbers, net boats, and long-line vessels. We build gap closing guard plates of UHMW, but actually the arm does not reach out as it appears they might. 

8. Q: Will a Deflector Marine articulating flap rudder create more drag?
A: NO. further it can reduce overall drag by improving the hulls track. These rudders bite at finer angles generating force from both edges doing the same work with less rudder angle. 

9. Q: Will a Deflector Marine articulating Flap rudder require more ports or disfigure my hull?
A: NO.

10. Q: Will a Deflector Marine articulating flap rudder help me steer when backing?

A: NO. If you lay your helm hard over the greater profile of our flap rudders will impede backing. There is no need to do this of course and these rudders will behave similar to single panel rudders in the same application. These rudders provide superior side thrust in forward. Rudders such as monkey rudders and flanking rudders usually seen on tugs, work in reverse. Typically a hull may be said to, "follow the rudder" or are shunted by the lower half of the propeller. When this shunting ( often called prop walk ) dominates it is often imparted by propeller slip rate, stern shape, and the hulls trim. To make a vessel back to its rudder one must address these characteristics.

11. Q: If these rudders are all you say they are, why have I not seen them before?

A: There are several reasons. Cost, complexity, and unfamiliarity with basic rudder science all are on this list. Today, new materials and tools are common that were not just a few years prior. We have simplified this by our design work of which we are proud. This is the modern way to control your boat. Your rudder is your tool to command. A Deflector Marine Rudder is like having a new sharp knife compared to a dull one.




Flap rudders, high lift flap rudders are an articulating hinged rudder that perform at twice the level of a conventional rudder.
No other entity in this hemisphere has built the quantity and variety of High-Lift Flap Rudders as Deflector Marine Rudders
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